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Community Involvement

Living with type 1 diabetes is incredibly challenging, however there is an energetic community of organisations committed to providing community awareness and support, fighting for better access to emerging technologies and continuous research to finding a cure. 

Our family is engaged with the T1D community and are doing our part to contribute where we can. Below are some short stories of how we are helping out. 


$2 from every book purchase will be donated to a non for profit T1D foundation

$2 from every book purchase will be donated to one of the many wonderful organisations who all do their part in providing awareness, education, support and research. This donation will be made at the end of the financial year and publicised through You, Me & T1D webpage and social media platforms. 


Creating Awareness

Stacey, along with her two daughters, Georgia and Ivy presented You, Me & T1D to school students, growing awareness about modern technologies used to assist daily management of type 1 diabetes.  There were lots of good questions and the kids loved spotting the pod / CGM on Georgie's character.


Omnipod Announcement

In November, 2022 the Australian Government approved a subsidy for the Omnipod (a patch insulin pump) for people with Type 1 diabetes. 

The announcement coincided with the JDRF One Walk event in Adelaide. Georgie was proud to demonstrate to the Minister for Health (Hon Mark Butler) how the Omnipod works.  

Channel 10 news Omnipod announcement broadcast featuring Georgia and Adam Costantini
Mark Butler social media post - meeting Georgia and Polly (T1D dolly who also wears a CGM and Omnipod) at the Omnipod subsidy announcement in South Australia


JDRF #Accessforall Announcement

After many years of enthusiasm, advocacy and effort from many brilliant organisations, in April 2022 a bipartisan approach to funding CGM technology for over 21's was announced. 

In July 2022, Adam and Georgia attended a thank you event in the presence of the Minister for Health and Labor MPs, celebrating the announcement where Adam gave a speech about the relief parents around Australia would feel knowing their adult children wouldn't have to choose whether to pay bills/rent or fund CGM technology after turning 21.

Georgia and Ivy also participated in a virtual 'thank-you' event soon after! 


JDRF #Accessforall Round Table

In late February 2022, the Costantini family joined others from around South Australia to present their stories about the challenges of living with Type One Diabetes to SA based Labor MPs and Senators, advocating for technology to be made more accessible for over 21 year olds as part of the #AccessforAll Campaign. 

As JDRF Advocates in the Federal Electorate of Spence, Adam, Stacey and Georgia were grateful for the opportunity to catch up with Mr Matt Burnell (Labor candidate for Spence at the time). 


JDRF Involvement

Stacey is a JDRF Mentor, helping support newly diagnosed families of young children and Adam is a JDRF advocate in the Federal electorate of Spence with support from our local MP). 

Both Stacey and Adam try to be involved in the T1D community by attending JDRF events and donating to pivotal research.

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