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About You, Me & T1D

You, Me & T1D was written to help provide awareness and basic education to children about what it looks like in modern times to live with type 1 diabetes. 

Type 1 diabetes is no longer a condition that presents mainly in adolescent years. This condition has no limits and can present in our youngest to our oldest in society.

Many great organisations are undertaking fantastic work to reshape the mindset around diabetes in the community, particularly around mental health. We have written this book to contribute to that mission, with a focus on young children - educating and creating awareness during the earliest phases of their lives.  

You, Me & T1D, is a colourful, happy and beautifully illustrated series of books designed to shine a light on the various ways T1D can be managed. The book aims to foster compassion towards T1D children and provide a visible resource around management of this condition that has ups and downs, which can be made a little easier with a great support network.


With compassion, empathy, understanding and support, people with T1D can do everything you can do!

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